The process is simple and we will guide you along the way. The information we request from you should be easy for you to  provide and we handle everything else!

You apply and Dependable reviews your application
you pass!
Dependable sends you a conditional offer
you accept!
Dependable runs a basic background check *
you pass!
Dependable assists you in submitting additional information as required for the position
you pass!
Dependable requests government credentialing
you pass!
You accept the position!
Welcome to the Dependable Team!

What is a background check?

In order to receive credentialing from the government, they will check to be sure you DO NOT have any of the following in your past personal activities:

  • Negative work history with the U.S. government

  • A record that includes theft, vandalism or any other criminal action

  • A record that includes possession of explosives or items which could fabricate an incendiary device

  • A record that includes selling, consuming or being under the influence of illegal drugs

  • A record that includes illegal firearm possession

  • A record that includes harming or endangering a child

Current Job Openings

Dependable Health Services is always hiring caring professionals and our job postings are updated regularly. These are the positions we currently have open. Please click on the link to learn more about the position including job description and location:

(no experience or certification required for this position)

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